In my life, my siblings and my great aunt had the greatest influence on my choice of career as a nurse. Being the oldest of six siblings, I learned early in life how to love and care for people. My motto has always been to treat other people in the way that I would like to be treated. Respect is an essential factor in the profession of nursing. You must give respect in order to receive it. Care and respect are the qualities I would want my family members to receive if they were a patient. My primary goal is to make a difference in the lives of others. When you encounter a new patient, you never know what they may be going through and giving an encouraging word and providing support goes a long way in their recovery.

“My primary goal is to make a difference in the lives of others”

I have learned to be a strong advocate for patients during my 21 years of nursing. I enjoy taking pride in my role and I would not trade that for anything. Working with my colleagues and being a team player makes my job so rewarding. While some may find their jobs unsatisfying, that is not my perspective. I truly love what I do, and I strive to be the best nurse that I can be. While no one is perfect, I see each day as an opportunity to strive to be a better person and a better nurse for my patients.

This article is part of Addus’ celebration of Nurses Week 2022. We highlighted posts from the Registered Nurses in our company about both the rewards and challenges of being a nurse. You can learn more about nursing and nurses week by visit the American Association of Critical Care Nurses at .

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