As we begin 2023, many are wanting to make changes to their lifestyle for their physical, mental, or emotional health. A new year is always a great time to reevaluate the past and make changes to help the new year a better one. Here are 5 great changes you can make to your lifestyle to ensure that 2023 is a year that promotes a healthier you!

1. Stay social

Loneliness is at epidemic levels in today’s world. Although we have never been more connected via the internet, it seems that people have never been more isolated. No matter how many social media accounts a person may have, it cannot replace the benefits of in-person relationships and a social support system. So, for 2023, commit to joining a community center, calling up a friend that you may have lost touch with, or making a new friend by taking up a new hobby or interest within a group. Speaking of new hobbies…

2. Challenge your mind with a new hobby 

Keeping our minds active is essential for preserving cognitive function as we age. When it comes to our minds, the old adage “Use it or lose it!” has never been truer. As we enter a new year, commit to picking up a new hobby that will challenge your brain to develop new neural pathways. Whether it is painting, reading new books, researching genealogies, or traveling, these activities will help keep your mind engaged, chase off boredom, and help you feel less isolated.

3. Exercise regularly

For many, physical activity can be a daunting prospect. It can be easy to become discouraged with a lack of results or past resolutions that went unfulfilled. However, physical exercise doesn’t have to be grueling or unrealistic! Whether it is taking short walks or laps in a pool, calculated and consistent steps toward physical activity can result in great benefits. And who knows, by joining a gym, club, or health center, you may be able to make new friends! As a caution, we strongly recommend that you speak with your doctor before beginning any new exercise regimen to ensure that you are beginning on the right foot for your particular needs.

4. Eat a well-balanced diet

In our world of fast food and microwavable-everything, it can be easy to sacrifice nutrition for convenience. However, food is fuel and if we aren’t feeding our bodies the nutrition it needs, we cannot expect that it will perform as well as it should. Scheduling time each weekend to meal plan or making sure more fruits and vegetables end up on our plate can go far to improving what we are putting into our digestive system. Once again, the first step we strongly recommend is that you have a conversation with your doctor about your nutritional needs as it is unique to each person.

5. Don’t miss your Doctor’s Appointments!

Speaking of doctor appointments, we get that visiting the doctor is not on anyone’s top 10 favorite activities. It can be easy to put off that upcoming appointment or avoid taking that prescribed medication. However, by neglecting those appointments, you can invite further complications that will ruin your year later on. Make sure you prioritize taking care of yourself even though it may be inconvenient.

By implementing these 5 New Year Resolutions, you can make sure that 2023 is a new beginning for a healthier and happy year!

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