What if your Case Managers had a Dual Advantage®?

Addus Dual Advantage

We know that controlling the direct cost of Long Term Service and Support (LTSS) delivery is an important and desired outcome for the entities that contract our services. An additional and real value to our partners is the capacity to leverage in-home services to gather information about the health trajectory of the member. This is especially important for those members at the highest risk, the Dual Eligibles. Information on these members provided to the payer in real time is critical to achieving better health outcomes.

No one knows more about the health condition of the member and is better positioned to identify and capture this information than the HomeCare Aide.

Recognizing the critically important role home care aides play, we developed and implemented our Addus Dual Advantage®model. Under this program, Addus' HomeCare Aides have full visibility into the specific and unique social, clinical and activities of daily living needs of the member. During the normal course of providing services, they continuously identify changes in the member’s condition based upon a pre-determined checklist which can be customized to meet the payer’s requirements and the member’s diagnosis. This information is communicated, using our proprietary technology, to the appropriate health care professional and triggers the development of an action plan resulting in early intervention and better health outcomes. This empirically leads to fewer hospitalizations and other costly acute care services.

Effective integration of in-home personal care and medical services lowers costs for the Dual Eligible and Medicaid populations, while improving their quality of life. That is the Addus Dual Advantage®.

If your organization could benefit from this, or any of our other industry-leading programs, contact our Managed Care team at Natlcontracts@addus.com or call 630.296.3400 to learn more.