A Message from Addus President & Chief Operating Officer Brad Bickham

The month of November is dedicated to honoring the hospice and palliative care dedicated professionals who provide comfort and support to individuals and their families during some of life’s most challenging times. Hospice & Palliative Care Month serves as the perfect backdrop to acknowledge the CNAs, nurses, chaplains, liaisons, managers, coordinators and other members of our hospice and palliative care teams. They work tirelessly to enhance the quality of life for those facing serious illness or end-of-life care needs. Their expertise, compassion, and dedication make a profound difference in the lives of patients and their loved ones.

Please join me in expressing our deepest gratitude to the incredible hospice and palliative care professionals in the Addus HomeCare Family of Companies and beyond. They demonstrate immense commitment, empathy, and kindness every day. Their contributions exemplify the values of service, honesty, compassion, accountability, and leadership we hold dear as a company. They make a tangible difference in our families, communities, and society each and every day.

As we reflect on the crucial role hospice and palliative care plays in our communities, it provides an opportunity to educate, promote understanding about the services offered, and ensure that anyone in need can access end-of-life and palliative care services. By normalizing these conversations and ideas, we can foster a more compassionate community for those facing serious illness.

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