COVID Caregiver Team

Team Overview

This team is made up of caregivers who have volunteered to service patients/clients who have tested positive or who have symptoms of COVID-19. You would be providing an extraordinary service during an unprecedented time. Please read through all of the information on this site and reach out to your supervisor with any questions!

Team Documents

What to Consider Before Joining

You will be providing important services to our clients and patients that need it now more than ever. These visits will be a bit more complex in nature as these patients may have been exposed to COVID-19. Serving these clients will involve wearing more protective equipment, learning new techniques and practicing extreme caution while performing your duties.

Benefits of Joining the Team

> Increased Rate Per Hour During Visit (Based on State)
> Satisfaction of helping our clients and patients when they need your help the most
> Up to full-time weekly hours

Next Steps if you want to Join the Team

> Contact your local branch and let your supervisor know that you would like to join
> You will then receive a screening and information for online training that you will have to complete as Step 1
> Once your training is complete, reach out to your supervisor to get next steps for you to receive and be tested on your equipment
> After the testing is complete, your supervisor will work with you to assign your first assignment