Employee of the Month

The commitment and effort our employees make on a daily basis help keep our clients at home where they want to be for as long as they want to be there. We are thankful to our employees for the hard work and special service they provide.

November 2016

Aggie Medrano

Home Care Aide, Roswell, NM Nominated by Krystal Hooten, Satellite Coordinator

Aggie has always been very dependable. She goes out of her way to provide for any and all clients. She is always on time and never complains. She is always very professional and dresses very well for the job.

Thank you for all you do, Aggie!

Thiresa Gardner

Home Care Aide, Chicago, IL Nominated by Taneisha Terrell, Service Coordinator

Thiresa is prompt, thorough, compassionate and makes her clients feel good. Her work for one particular client was life changing. The client was surrounded by clutter, filth, rodents, etc. She cleaned without judgment or making the client feel ashamed. Five people were scheduled and only two showed up for day one. She of course was one of the 2. She worked 8 hours the first day and 6 hours alone the next day to finish the job. She used several mops and cleaning supplies. She had to get the rest of the supplies from the building management. The building manager was so impressed that she offered her 4 additional clients to service who were living in similar conditions. These clients are now able to do simple tasks, that we may take for granted, like grabbing a clean dish or a clean shirt.

Thank you, Thiresa!

Linda Deweese

Home Care Aide, Litchfield, IL Nominated by Angie Blotevogel, Service Coordinator

Linda is an exceptionally great (HCA) employee. She never calls off and has excellent communication with the office. She always fills in shifts when asked, and will call the office asking for additional work if one of her clients cancels. Linda works very hard and her clients all love her. The branch has received many calls from her clients stating how great she is. She is very pleasant and respectful to be around and never has an unkind word for anyone.

Thank you, Linda!

Jessica Westbrook

Service Coordinator, Jackson, TN Nominated by Jennifer Martin, Agency Director

Jessica has been a part of the Jackson team for 2 years. As you all know, Tennessee has been through a lot of changes since Addus acquired Aid and Assist in 2014. Jessica’s role in the branch drastically changed. She adjusted to the changes very well, and was very eager to learn and is doing an outstanding job. She never complains about extra tasks given to her. She has developed into an awesome Service Coordinator, that her peers and clients love. She goes the extra mile in customer service to make sure her members are happy and satisfied with their services. When needed, she personally introduces a new caregiver to her members inside of their own home. She also is always willing to help other team members or Branch when needed, regardless if its filling shifts, or extra training in one of the many processes we have.

Thank you, Jessica!

Melissa Knudsen

Admissions Specialist, Reimbursement Department Nominated by Francine Winters, Director

Melissa does a great job as a member of the Admissions Team in Reimbursement. Just recently she noticed some unusual data coming through Care Plans. She could have ignored it, but did not. She looked a bit more and found several care plan tasks that did not appear correct. Melissa reported this to her team lead and it was sent to IT for investigation. As a result, a problem was identified and corrected – no more ‘bad’ care plan tasks.

Keep up the high quality work, Melissa!